Sightstitality of Istanbul: Egyptian Bazaar

Located in the old part of Istanbul. In the old days, caravans with Indian spices went to Europe through Egypt, hence the name.

Bazaar built in 1660 in order to finance the construction of a new mosque, which is located next door. Since then, this place is popular among local residents and guests of Istanbul. The market survived two devastating fires. The current appearance, he received as a result of restoration work after in the 1940th he burned almost dottel.

As in the XVII century, today they sell seasonings, sweets, healing plants, as well as meat and dairy products. More than a hundred stores offer a wide selection of traditional Turkish treats, delicacies, spices, incense. Basturma (dried meat), cheeses, jams, dried fruits, medicinal herbs, aromatic oils, as well as souvenirs – sellers have something to surprise tourists. Fragrances, many-voiced speech, motley colors – a real oriental bazaar! Tired buyer can translate the spirit in the rest room.

Upper floors in the old days were used for court proceedings. At the intersection of a short and long wing is the area of ​​prayers. From a small balcony on the second floor in the old days, requests for the Most High about successful trading.

Sightstitality of Istanbul Egyptian Bazaar

On the territory of the bazaar near the main goal there is a famous restaurant Pandeli, where you can enjoy Turkish dishes. The establishment has been around for more than a hundred years, during this time many famous personalities visited it.

In the Egyptian bazaar, you can find anything – from dishes and tissues to sweets
Local sweetness is sold on the market – Shelis Sultan or, as it is called, "Turkish Viagra"

Sightstitality of Istanbul Egyptian Bazaar

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