Sightstitality of Cuba: Montamar National Park

Montemar (Montemar) in the province of Matanzas (Matanzas) is one of the largest on the island of national parks. It occupies the territory of the Sapata Peninsula (Zapata).

Here you can admire pure lakes and the most interesting flora. The main part of the park is covered by mangroves in a swampy Ile, which are a unique balanced ecosystem. It is carefully supported and retains almost unchanged appearance of several thousand years. National Park is thick inhabited by birds and wildliness of many species, including those who are threatened.

In mangrove swamps, the park dwells reptiles more than 30 species and almost 200 species of birds, as well as countless varied amphibians and insects. The number of types of plants Park reaches about 900, and more than one hundred of them are found only here. The park is the area of ​​habitat of Lamantinov (manat), Cuban crocodiles and alligators, as well as the extinct type of dwarf geatys (wild rodent like a guinea pig). Tourists can admire Hummingbirds, Flamingo, Ibisas and Seasonal Birds from the North American Continent, arriving here on wintering from November to April.

Sightstitality of Cuba National Park Montamar

On the territory you can take bicycles or take a boat to rent, ride horses, and also to go fishing. There are also several hotels in the National Park.

Home Value Park – Unique Ecosystem Mangrove Marsh
Opening hours: The National Park Office is open from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 16.30, on Saturday with 8.00 to 12.00 How to get there: Park is located about 95 km from Varadero, on the Sapata Peninsula. Public transport walks only to Playa Larga, so it’s better to come here with a sightseeing group or by car on the national highway, turning on the sign to Ciénaga de Zapata, Playa Larga or Playa Girón.

Sightstitality of Cuba National Park Montamar

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