Bath landmark: Alexander Park

Alexander Park in Bat was created in 1902, to the date of coronation of Edward VII. The design of the arrangement appeared in 1896, but was not implemented due to lack of funds. Coronation was postponed due to the monarch’s disease, but the park was considered too beautiful to leave it without use, and opened with a delay in a few days. Lighting opening, "Chronicle of Bata" I wrote that it is difficult to find anywhere in England, the place is as close to the city center, from where such a variety of and beautiful views were opened. The park received her name in honor of the wife of the king, Queen Alexandra Danish, sisters Empress Mary Fedorovna.

Park is located on the top of the hill Bicyca (Beechen Cliff), and from here offers a beautiful panoramic view of the city, as well as the surrounding forests and hills. The road to the park from the city center along the hillside is also very picturesque, although there may be a few tedious. A long staircase is leading to the park, known as Jacob’s Ladder (Jacob’s Ladder). On the territory of the park there is a children’s playground, table tennis tables and free parking.

Sightstitality of Bata Alexander Park

From the park, Alexandra offers a beautiful view of Bat
Alexander Park – a great place to hold picnics

Sightstitality of Bata Alexander Park

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