Sightstitality of Amsterdam: Gassan Diamonds Factory

Gassan Diamonds factory – a family company organized by Samuel Gassan in 1945 on a former diamond factory in Amsterdam. Gradually, the company from a small diamond processing workshop turned into a large international factory, which is engaged in the purchase, processing and sale of diamonds. Thanks to the introduction of a new cut Gassan 121, Gassan Diamonds occupies a leading position in the global market in the precious stones industry. Gassan Diamonds has offices and offices around the world, and duty-free shops of the company, with exclusive jewelry and collections of clocks of famous brands, can be seen in many foreign airports.

By the beginning of the XVIII century, Amsterdam had in fact a monopoly in Europe on the cut diamond – one third of the Jewish communities of the city was occupied in diamond trading. Built in 1879, the Diamonds Diamonds factory was the first to use the energy of the steam and for a week, 357 of her machines were treated with 8-10 thousand carats of the initial raw materials – the numbers inconceivable for those times! Today, there are a free single-sided tour of the workshops in more than 27 languages, telling about the complex and diamond processing technologies, and in the literal sense of the word brilliant collection of diamonds and jewels is considered the best in the city.

Today, Gassan Diamonds factory is the attraction of Amsterdam, thousands of tourists visit the enterprise to watch the process of cutting and polishing gems, find out the subtleties of determining the quality of diamonds. Gassan offers individual opportunities to use a historic building for individual guests and groups up to 150 people. After excursion, tourists are given the opportunity to visit the store with a factory where you can buy finished products.

Sightstitality of Amsterdam Gassan Diamonds Factory

Gassan Diamonds Located north of the House-Museum of Rembrandt, on the very south of Eilenburg Island (UILENBURG) between the channels UILENBURGERGRACHT and OUDESCHANS.

Factory building
Factory’s visitors can see how the cut of diamonds occurs

Sightstitality of Amsterdam Gassan Diamonds Factory

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