Sightseeing Amsterdam: Flower Market

Amsterdam’s flower market is perhaps the world’s only flower market that is located on the water. All stalls and tents stand on the barges on one of the oldest channels of the city – Channel Channel.

The market appeared in 1862. The reason for such an unusual location is simple. All the colors that were sold on the market were delivered daily to the center on various channels from different parts of the city. And since the unloading of goods to the ground and back occupied time, it was easier to sell flowers right on the water.

Thanks to the soft climate, the market works all year round. The range is very diverse – ranging from traditional Dutch tulips and daffodils to room geraniums and exotic plants. In addition to living colors that are delivered daily, the market can also be purchased seeds, bulbs and various souvenirs of floral topics. Tulips bulbs can be bought in packed, ready for transportation.

In December, the market is filled with christmas firms of various shapes and sizes. Tough competition of sellers for place in the market, as well as its open location, make prices for the entire range of very acceptable. For example, the packaging of the bulbs of famous Dutch tulips can be bought at a price of 3-5 euros.

Sightstitality of Amsterdam Flower Market

When you go on the channel of the canal, you can not even notice that the scarves are on the water
Channel Single and Floral Tents

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday with 9.00 to 17.30, Sunday – from 11.00 to 17:30. Right have: Near KoningsPlein (1, 2nd, 5) and Muntplein stops (1, 2, 5, 357, 359, 361, 355, 357, 359, 361, 363, 357, 357, 3,63,23, 24) Address: Singel 610-616, Amsterdam

Sightstitality of Amsterdam Flower Market

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