Sightstation of Amsterdam: CamesSgraht Channel

Camersgraht himself, as well as neighboring channels, began to dig in 1612, but it was unusually built for a long time – the last house was erected here in 1897, and with a rather unusual facade for Amsterdam, almost entirely consisting of windows. Also attractive House at Keizersgracht, 317, in which Christopher Brothers lived, friend and comrades of the our emperor Petr I, often happened here in 1716. Interestingly, the our embassy in those years was also located nearby (Herenght, 527) – now the banking complex is here.

    Sightstitality of Amsterdam Canal Caleserrsgraht
  • House number 319 with one of the most beautiful frontons in the city, the former Museum of Phodor (Fodor Museum; Keizersgracht, 611-613) – Today is open here Foundation Photos (Foam, www.Foam.NL) with exhibition space, shop, cafe and a small library;
  • Built in 1675 Mansion Solmansa (Keizersgracht, 670) – Now here is the Design Studio Lost Boys Interactive B.V. With a small winter garden and a glass dome (1875 g.);
  • Great artistic Museum Van Lon (Museum Van Loon; Keizersgracht, 672, www.Museumvanloon.NL) in the mansion of 1672 buildings,
  • Designer Baby Club (Keizersgrach, 676) in the premises of the former church of the XVIII century,
  • Center for Performing Arts FELIX MERITIS CULTURAL CENTER (European Center for Arts, Culture, and Science; Keizersgracht, 324) in a large house built in 1787 for the community of rich citizens,
  • Modern Museum of Photography Located in historic "House Marseille" (Huis Marseille; Keizersgracht, 401),
  • occupying three magnificent buildings of the XVII century buildings Cultural Center de Rode Hoed (www.Rodehoed.NL),
  • Museum of vintage musical instruments (www.MuseumgeelvInck.NL) B Helvink-Hinlopen mansion (Museum Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis; Keizersgracht, 633).

Very popular and the magnificent example of the Dutch architecture of the Renaissance era – built in 1622 "House with heads" (Huis Met de Hoofden; Keizersgracht 123). In addition to the ancient gods who decorating the frontout, he is also known for the romantic legend about the hostess, who alone hit the attack of robbers, killing six of them and marry seventh.

Domestic courtyards of these historical buildings are usually difficult to reach for tourists, but also keep a lot of interesting things and therefore it is worth an effort to visit them, the benefit is easy.

Sightstitality of Amsterdam Canal Caleserrsgraht

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