Sightseeing Amsterdam: Audecerk (Old Church, Oude Kerk)

Over the old town of Amsterdam, the oldest church and one of the most majestic city buildings are towers – Audecerk (Old Church, Oude Kerk).

She began as a simple wooden chapel in 1306, between 1366 and 1566 was rebuilt into a stone basilica, in 1550-1555, the amazing beauty of the stained glass with the images of the Virgin Mary, but during the reformation, the complex was almost completely looted and hit. However, in the XVIII century, the church is restored again, in 1726 the famous Vater-Muller authority is put here, and in 1955-1979, a thorough reconstruction returns this majestic building.

In addition to amazing interiors with their strict proportions, here you can see the gravestone wife Rembrandt Saskiy and the tombstone of Kiliana Wang Rensslara – one of the founders of New York, which was then called a new Amsterdam.

Sightstitality of Amsterdam Audecerk (Old Church, Oude Kerk)

Also, all sorts of exhibitions are held inside, and every Tuesday at 2:00 and every Saturday at 16:00 Karillon Cathedral fills all the surroundings of the sound of bells (it is best to listen to Oudekennisteeg bridge in front of the church).

The entrance to the temple will cost 5 euros, it is usually open from Monday to Saturday from 11:00 to 17:00, on Sunday – from 13:00 to 17:30.

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