Landmark of Abkhazia: Ghost City Tkairchal (Tkvarchli)

25 km northeastern Ochamchira, in the upper flow of the Galidzg River (Aaldzga), is the most interesting object – Gorod Tkairechal (Tkvarceli).

History and legends

In Soviet years, it was one of the largest mining and industrial centers of Georgia and all the Transcaucasia. The city was almost completely built by the prisoners of German soldiers in the period 1942-1950, which imposed a clear imprint on his architectural appearance, and used a unique coal deposit unique to the Caucasus. On its basis, literally for several years, the most powerful industrial assembled, supplied to the whole region not only coking coal, but also building materials, electromechanical products, food and electricity. A unique system of cable roads was built, practically replaced public transport and binding the upper and lower part of the city, the railway and the annular road, hospitals, kindergartens and schools, as well as a unique staircase with almost semi-second steps. But the hardest blockade of the period of the Abkhazo Georgian war and the economic sanctions followed in the literal sense of the word "killed" This once exemplary Soviet city.

Attractions Tkuchabar

Now Tkular – a real "ghost town" With dozens of dilapidated factory workshops, beautiful, but abandoned houses with characteristic classic facades and indispensable green alleys, forever frozen in their run by a rope, wide and empty streets, half-headed by metal railways and masts of power transmission. Its recovery is carried out very slowly, only a pair of production, House of Culture named after Gulia Yes, several shops, the streets are quiet and deserted.

Here, at the time of removing postpocalyptic films, so local ruins are picturesque in their peculiar greatness. Therefore, tourists come here mainly only to penetrate the atmosphere of this "Zone alienation" Yes, visit the interesting objects nearby – Mineral weakness reactive sources, ACARMARY WATERFADES, lying at an altitude of 944 meters Ruins of the monastery of Lashkender and Gupan canyon With its picturesque reservoirs, or just wander through the beautiful surrounding forests and villages.

Where is Tkular

Tkular is located in an extensive alpine valley lying 65 km east of Sukhum (on the road – about 90 km) and 25 km northeastern Ochamchira.

Sightstitality of Abkhazia Ghost City Tkairechal (Tkvarchli)

How to get to Tea

The easiest way to get to Tkoucharn flight to Adler with the subsequent crossing of the border (to the checkpoint from the airport about 20 minutes by bus or minibus) on foot and transfer to Abkhaz taxi, buses or route taxis, following the entire territory of the Republic to Sukhum. There are direct flights of buses and minibuses from Adler Airport, you can also hire a taxi directly to the place, however, due to the fact that huge queues often accumulate on the automotive gearbox, it is sometimes inconvenient to use them.

By train, you can take a direct flight №075s Moscow – Sukhum – Adler, several cars are unchanged and follow further to Sukhum via Zandrypsh and Gagra. Customs and passport control is carried out directly in the wagons at the station Merry (on the our side) and at the station Zandrypsh (on Abkhaz), but by virtue of its duration (often up to one and a half hours on the border, which is worth adding two days on the way to and to 2 hours after) such a way of moving is convenient not all.

From the our station Adler to Sukhum followed by a comfortable train, the schedule of which every year changes. Taking into account the border parking in the merry and numerous stops at intermediate stations, all the way to the capital of Abkhazia will take about four hours.

Then, from Sukhum, you should sit on a bus or a minibus, following southeast to Ochamchira (a little more than an hour in the way), where you already wait for any of the local flights of the vehicle to the Tcair. But since they follow quite irregularly, it is much easier to agree with a private owner or hire a taxi. Passenger traffic on the local railway no.

Sightstitality of Abkhazia Ghost City Tkairechal (Tkvarchli)

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