Sightstitality Istanbul: Street Streklyl

Street Istiklal serves as a kind of bridge that unites the historic quarter of Galata and Taksim Square, its length is 1.5 kilometers. Istiklal is a pedestrian street. From the transport there is only a historical tram, the functioning of which was restored in 1990. He’s slowly moving old trailers give a unique opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the old city to the full.

Since the Istiklal was built up for many centuries, her houses were performed in different architectural styles. The buildings of the Byzantine era are coating with Ottoman Palaces and modern buildings. This allows you to trace all the stages of the city’s development.

In its very beginning there is a majestic monument, established in honor of the proclamation of the republic. Hence the street name – "İstiklâl" translated as "Independence".

Other key landmarks located along the street are considered Galat tower – as a symbol of the city, Greek Church of the Holy Trinity, Basilica of St. Anthony of Paduansky, Roman Catholic Church of St. Mary Drapeleris, Mosque Hussein Agi, Synagogue Neva Shalom, Museums Pee and Mevlekhan. Here is located Flower passage, erected in 1876 on the site of the old Genoese buildings, and a refined French-style.

Sightstitality Istanbul Street Stukklyl

At the holidays on the pedestrian street, Istiklal is going to 3 million people
Catholic Church of Anthony of Paduansky
Church of St. Mary Drapeleris

Route: Nearby is Taksim Metro Station and the Cable Current Station.

Sightstitality Istanbul Street Stukklyl

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