Sightstation of Istanbul: Castle Yedicül

Seven Castle Jedicul is located in the European part of Istanbul, near the coast of the Marmara Sea. It is believed that the fortress was founded by Mehmed by the conqueror in 1458, shortly after the capture of Constantinople, in order to control the approach to the city from the West. However, a small part of it remained from theeodosy walls, erected in 408 to 413. After the storming of the city by Mehmed, the conqueror in 1453 their part was in the ruins, but the fortress was quickly restored: four more four were added to the remaining three tower – stronger, and the castle received a new name Yedicul, which is translated from Turkish "Semibus". Preserved from thesis and the Golden Gate, which served as a triumphal arch of victorious imperial ceremonies.

In the early years after the construction of the castle, Yedicül was used as a treasury, where state archives and treasury were kept. Guides and locals love to tell the bike that all the treasures of Sultan were distributed through the towers – for gold, silver, precious stones, and some of them were filled to the top. However, during the reign of Murad III, the treasury and archives transported to the Topkapi Palace, and the seven castle began to use as a prison for the political enemies of Sultan and the Power Ambassadors with whom the war was carried out. The walls of the fortress served as a prison until 1831, and then in different years of the castle premises used for the production of gunpowder, the content of lions and storage of provisions.

Sightstitality Istanbul Castle Yedicül

Only in 1968, the Castle of Jedicul was assigned the status of the State Museum under the Open Sky: Today, tourists can walk freely around the fortress, as well as climb the walls and towers from which great views of the sea and Istanbul open. In addition, in the courtyard of the castle, historical reconstructions, theatrical festivals and musical concerts are regularly held.

Yedicul is based on the ancient walls of Constantinople, erected in the IV-V centuries of our era
The museum on the territory of the medieval fortress opened in the 1960s
Seven castle was built in the middle of the XV century

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