Sightseeing Helsinki: Assumption Cathedral

Assumption Cathedral in Helsinki, consecrated in honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, was created in 1862-1868. He is recognized as one of the largest Orthodox churches in Western and Northern Europe. The building is built of red bricks and topped with thirteen domes with gilded masters. The temple is on a high rocky hill near southern harbor.

In the Assumption Cathedral there is a small chapel named after the Sacred Martyr Alexander Khotovytsky, who served here until 1917.

For the first time, the question of the need to build a large temple was raised in March 1857, since a small Trinity Church sometimes did not accommodate all believers. Assumption Cathedral was created in accordance with the project.M.Gornostayev. It is built in a pseudovizantine style with elements of Romanesque. The cathedral is made in the form of a square, with the southern side of which the three-tier bell tower and the semicircular altar part. The main part of the cathedral and the bell tower connects the multistage gallery. The total height of the cathedral is 51 meters.

Thirteen the heads are the symbols of Jesus Christ and his twelve apostles. The interior of the cathedral is distinguished by an abundance of colorful paintings that decorate his arches and arches. Special attention attracted to the beautiful silver throne, covered with gold and decorated with gems, – he was brought from the Valaam Monastery on Ladoga.

Sightstitality Helsinki Assumption Cathedral

Several times the cathedral became a tariff target. In 2006, the attackers were stolen by the icon of St. Nicholas, and in the 2010th icon of the Blessed Virgin Kozelshchansky. The latter was soon found, and after the restoration was returned to the place.

Assumption Cathedral in Helsinki
Assumption Cathedral is a valid Orthodox church

Sightstitality Helsinki Assumption Cathedral

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