Sightseeing Varadero: Roma House

Roma House (Casa Del Ron) – one of the most visited museums in Varadero, and the reasons for this are quite understandable. It combines store, tasting hall and museum exposition.

The Roma House was opened at the end of 2001 and immediately loved tourists so much that its sales from the first year had reached the country’s unprecedented for the country. In 2008, he was somewhat reproduced and expanded. At the entrance to the house-museum there is a small exposition. There is an old casstee of the XVIII century and a collection of materials that illustrate the history of the appearance of sugar cane in Cuba, the emergence of the first factory for the production of sugar and Roma, as well as the Archeval family, founded the very first factory in Cardenas. It was in this factory in 1878 the first batch of the famous today for the whole world was released "Havana Club".

However, first of all, the Roma house is the store, and not the museum. In this incredibly popular city of the shop, you can purchase a wide variety of Roma varieties, as well as other strong alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and sloant. The assortment of a part of the Roma is superior to a standard choice in urban stores, the price level is ordinary, as elsewhere in the city.

On the other side of the street opposite Roma House there is a good store of Cuban cigars.

Sightstation Varadero House Roma

Rum and Cigars – Main Cuban Brands

Ticket price: Free entrance. How to get there: on the South Highway (Autopista Sur) by car. Address: Avenida Primera, Varadero.

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