Sightseeing Varadero: City Museum

The Varadero Museum is located in a colonial type of building with a traditional XIX and XX centuries, american architecture built. Abray in 1920. The museum was opened in 1981.

The exhibition of the museum includes a variety of household and religious things and artifacts, many of which are already hundreds of years. Pearl Collection – Hall with objects found by archaeologists in Varadero. Also, the exposure dedicated to the history of Varadero himself is also greater: old photographs, documents and materials of the middle of the last century are collected here.

Of interest is the taxidermic exposition and exhibition of furniture Cuba different years. Also in the museum there is a collection of painting, which can examine the history of the peninsula. The drawings were performed by the first travelers who visited these places because of the sea.

The organization of the Museum of Museum is democratic and free: many exhibits can be considered near and touch. Interesting and exhaustive comments on exposure can give guides.

On Saturdays, the museum arrange the evenings of Cuban music in a chamber atmosphere. Every third Saturday of the month here also organize events for children.

Sightstation Varadero City Museum

The museum building is located in a picturesque place near the beach, and from the second floor, the mansion opens a beautiful view of the coastline.

White-blue museum building looks very colorful

Opening hours: from Tuesday to Saturday from 10.00 to 17.00 Cost of Tickets: Entrance to the Museum $ 1 How to get there: The museum is located next to the Hoson Park, in the center of Varadero, opposite the Mercure Cuatro Palmas. Address: Calle 57 Y Playa, Varadero

Sightstation Varadero City Museum

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