Sightseeing Sukhumi: Botanical Garden

Now in the Sukhumsky Botanical Garden on the territory of almost 30 hectares, over 5,000 plants of local flora, countries of Southeast Asia, North America, Mediterranean and even Australia, including the oldest on the territory of the Caucasus Lipa (its age is estimated at 250-300 years, The tree was repeatedly tried to cut down, but it still blooms and fruits), as well as the oldest in the countries of the former USSR sequoia (planted in 1848) and the first in the Metacexual region (1950 g.).

Special excursion tours are held regularly on a specially highlighted demo part of about 5 hectares, you can visit the complex and independently.

History of the Botanical Garden in Sukhumi

This is the oldest complex of this kind in the Caucasus, laid back in 1838 as the Private Garden of Lekary of the Sukhumsky Garrison of Bagrinovsky, who grown here medicinal plants. In 1840, with the assistance of Lieutenant General. N. Raja Garden is transformed into a military-botanical, but during the our-Turkish wars in 1853-1856 and 1877-1878, he was completely destroyed by Ottomans.

In 1894, the complex begins his revival – an experienced agricultural station is being built here, where seeds are taken from the best nurseries in the world, special acclimatization areas are being created for plants from other continents – this is exactly how eucalyptus, citrus, bamboo, tea, agave now got into the Caucasus , palm trees, cotton and lotus. By 1950, the collection of plants of the Sukhumsky Botanical Garden had 580 species, 40 varieties and more than 1 thousand villages of trees, shrubs and grassy plants, in 1992 it already has more than 5 thousand species, forms and varieties from all continents of our planet.

During the war of 1992-1993, the plant’s plant collection was very affected, and the variety of species decreased sharply. Suffice it to say that the collection of tropical plants, which appealing more than 800 species and forms, died completely, as well as the collection of their own varieties of flower crops.

Thanks to truly titanic work of the team, the richness of the park is gradually restored and approaches the pre-war.

Sightstation Sukhumi Botanical Garden

Time and mode of operation

Sukhumi Botanical Garden is open daily, during the summer period from 8:30 to 21:00, in the winter – from 10:00 to 18:00. For inspection of greenhouses it is necessary to resolve the Garden Directorate.

Where is and how to get

Sukhumy Botanical Garden lies in the northern part of the historic city center, at the intersection of Gulia and Sukhumsky Street.

Sightstation Sukhumi Botanical Garden

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