Sightstation of Zurich: Langestrasse

Langstrasse Street (Langstrasse) in the fourth district of the city famous as the street of red lanterns. Most of the cereal places, dubious institutions and suspicious personalities of the city are acquired here. Langstrasse live more foreigners – immigrants from third world countries. There are many shops, pety shops, strip bars.

Historically, workers lived in these places, mainly socialist and communist. Square Gelvetia (Helvetiaplatz) traditionally was the venue for Mayor’s demonstrations.

Sightstation of Zurich Langstrasse

Today, in general, the Langstrasse district cannot be called favorable and suitable for tourist pilgrimages. Drug trafficking thrives here, and the highest crime rate in the city. In 2001, the city authorities even started the implementation of a special project Langstrasse Plus, designed to bring the order in the area and make it more secure. Nevertheless, wishing to get acquainted with the involve and "real life" Capital can visit exclusively at their own peril and risk.

Langstraße is the place of holding the annual Langstrassefest festival. This is a festival of street music that is arranged on Friday and Saturday in the area of ​​Gelvetia Square (Helvetiaplatz). At this time, they drink a lot here, much noisy, and the atmosphere reigns the most democratic.

Sightstation of Zurich Langstrasse

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