Sightseeing Verona: Port-Borsari

Port-Borsari – It is partially survived to this day gates, which were part of the fortress wall in Verona.

They were built in the first century of our era. During the time of an ancient Rome, the gates were called Port-Jovia, since they were located near the temple of God Jupiter. Later, already in the Middle Ages, the gate was renamed Port-Di-Sanzno in honor of St. Senon, which was the patron saint of Verona. The modern name of the gate comes from the word "Bursaries", which translates from Latin as "tax". This name has become used because the soldiers who served here were charged.

Sightstation of Verona Port-Borsari

Port-Borsary port in Veron served by the main goal. They were lush decorated. Through the gate, the dew. The road was held, which in Verona went to the main city street Dekumanus Maximus. In the original form, the gate was a rectangular building with two facades. Until now, only one external facade made of white limestone has been preserved. In its modern form, the gate consist of three tiers. They have two drives covered with arches. Above them are two triangular frontones that support columns. Even above, two tiers are windows. On the lower yarus of the gate, the inscription was preserved 245: "Colonia Verona Augusta".

Until our days, only one of the facades of the ancient gate of Verona has been preserved

Sightstation of Verona Port-Borsari

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