Sightseeing of Tenerife: La Laguna Cathedral

Santa Iglesia Catedral De San Cristóbal De La Laguna Catholic Cathedral Catholic Cathedral (Santa Iglesia Catedral De Nuestra Señora de Los Remedios) was built on the place of an earlier church built here in 1515. The Cathedral of the Church became in 1819, when La Laguna was the capital of the island. However, in 1897, the church was destroyed, only the facade in the style of neoclassicism was preserved. It dates back to 1820 and was designed by the architect of Ventura Rodriguez like the facade of the cathedral in Pamplona. The current neogenic appearance of the building refers to 1913. Today, the historic center of the city, where the Cathedral is located, declared the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The inner decoration of the cathedral is quite remarkable: there are several altar panels, the authorship of which is attributed to Hendrik van Balen, teacher Van Dike. According to some hypothesis, these panels were taken out of Flanders in 1597. In addition, the interior of the cathedral is impressive with carved decorations and paintings, as well as sculptures of the Spanish, Canary and Genoese Masters.

In 2002, a large-scale restoration of the cathedral was launched, which continued until recently. From January 31, 2014, the updated cathedral is reopened to visit, although still restoration is not considered fully completed.

Sightstation of Tenerife Cathedral of La Laguna

Once La Laguna was the capital of Tenerife: This explains the greatness of urban architecture
Preserved historical facade of the building

Ticket price: entrance to church free. Route: The city of San Cristobal de la Laguna is located in the northern part of Tenerife, right at Los Rodeos airport. It is convenient to get here either by car on the TF-5 highway, or from Santa Cruz on the L1 line tram to La Trinidad stop, which is 5 minutes’ walk from the Cathedral. Address: Plaza Frey Albino, S / N, 38201 San Cristóbal De La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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