Stockholm landmark: Museum of the Middle Ages

The Museum of the Middle Ages in Stockholm is located under the North Bridge in the city center on the island of Holy Spirit (Helgeandsholmen). It is below ground level, under low hemispherical vaults, between the opera building and the royal palace.

The museum opened in the 1980s as a result of a major archaeological study on the island caused by the reconstruction of the old Rixdag building. Archaeologists discovered the ruins of the city wall, which was erected in the 1530s. Also, a medieval cemetery of HelgeandShuset, which gave the name of the island.

In the museum you can see not only the remnants of the fortress wall, but also expositions dedicated to medieval worms of labor, crafts, everyday life, child education – all aspects of the life of medieval Stockholm.

One of the exhibits of the Swedish Museum of the Middle Ages – a plot of medieval urban wall
Entrance to the Stockholm Museum of Middle Ages

Working hours: Tuesday, Thursday – Sunday 12.00 – 17.00; Wednesday 12.00-19.00; Monday day off.

Sightstation of Stockholm Museum of the Middle Ages

Ticket price: For adults Entry 100 CZK, Ticket is valid 12 months. Up to 19 years old.

How to get: Nearest stops – Gustav Adolfs Torg, SlottsBacken

Address: Stockholms Medeltidsmuseum, Strömparterren 3 (Descent on the stairs under the bridge).

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