Landmark Rome: Forum

The Roman Forum is a rectangular area surrounded by the ruins of ancient administrative buildings. The forum is located in the heart of the capital of Italy, in a small valley between the Palatin and the Capitol Hill.

It was founded on the spot of dried swamps in the VIII century to. NS. Initially, the city market was located here, later the forum became the center of public and religious life of ancient Rome. Triumphal processions were held on the square, legal proceedings were arranged, gladiatorial battles, elections and public speeches were held. In the future, the territory of the forum has grown due to the construction of new buildings and temples.

Until our times, only the ruins remained from the ancient monuments. The temple of Saturn, Basilica Maxation and Constantine, Triumphal Arch Septimia, as well as the temple of Vespacian and Tita, causes the greatest interest.

Sightstation of Rome Forum

The forum is located next to the Coliseum: both attractions can be visited by one ticket.
Navigate the collapse of the forum without a guide is quite difficult

Opening hours: the complex opens for visitors at 8.thirty. The end time depends on the time of year. From October to February – at 16.thirty. In the high season from March to August – in 19.15. Schedule of work during the remaining months can be clarified on the official website through which you can also book tickets. Ticket price: Complete ticket – 12 euros, preferential 7.5 euros. Free – for children and persons over 65 years old, teachers and students of art and architectural schools and universities. You can buy a single ticket for a visit to the Roman Forum, Palatina and Colosseum. Route: A nearby Colosseo Metro Station, as well as Fori Imperiali bus stop (53, 85, 87, 186, 271, 571, 810). Address: Via Della Salara Vecchia, 5/6

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