Riga Sightseeing: Swedish Gate

Swedish Gate (Zviedru Varti) – famous architectural and historical monument of Riga. These are the only gates of the city, which remained unchanged to the present day.

It is believed that the gate is called Swedish, since their appearance refers to the time when Riga was occupied by the Swedes. Some explain the name of the fact that it is these gates most often used by Swedish soldiers.

According to the legend, the gate appeared due to the enterprise one of the local merchants. His house was located right on the border of the city, and for entering the city in those days had to pay. So he decided to cut the gate right in his own home and take a fee from all entering the city. The gate opened at dawn and closed at night. In addition, at night, the goal was pressed, so that no one could penetrate the city unnoticed. During the lifetime of the merchant, the keys to the gate were kept from him, after his death they began to manage the city authorities.

Numerous stories and legends are associated with gates. According to one of them, the girl was inscribed in the gate, secretly from his parents meeting with a Riga officer. After one of these dates, she was caught by harsh guards who were punished so. There are rumors that at night you can hear crying and moans of unfortunate in love. On another legend in the house above the gate, there was a Palach, who had a tradition to warn citizens about the next execution, laying out a red rose.

Sightstation of Riga Swedish Gate

In 1926, the house with a gate was rented by the city of Latvia architects. The interior of the house was recreated by the Riga architect A.AND.Trofimov. Currently here, in addition to the architect society, there is a library and studio.

Swedish gate – the only riga medieval gates that have survived to this day
View of the Swedish Gate Riga On the other hand

Sightstation of Riga Swedish Gate

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