Riga Sightseeing: Mencendorf House

Merenendorf’s house is a unique museum: he talks about the traditions of life of the prosperous citizens of the Baltic States in the XVII-XIII centuries. Exposure allows visitors to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of life: they will see unique paintings, furniture and other interior items. The collection of the museum has about 2000 exhibits.

Mencendorf’s house is a branch of the Museum of History of Riga and Shipping. The building was built in 1695 and for several centuries it was a conventional residential building with store and warehouses. In the entire history of existence in it, 17 families lived. The last owner of the house was August Mensendorf, from which the museum inherited his name. Mensendorf’s family lived in the house until 1939, family members still support the museum, for which the grandson of Augusta Menkenfield was nominated for "Friends maps" Museum of History Riga and Shipping.

After the house left his latest owners, he came to the deplorable state. In 1987, restoration began: the recovery and reconstruction of the house continued for five years, and already in 1992, Mensendorf’s house was opened as a museum and received the first guests.

The museum building also has a center of glass art and training, it continues traditions laid down in the XVII century Glaziers Jirgen Helma. If desired, visitors may watch the process of creating works by the masters of a glass case.

Sightstation of Riga House Mensendorf

Monthly in the museum opens a new exhibition. The museum offers excursions in Latvian, our, German and English.

In Riga, there are many of the same buildings as the house of Mensendorf, but not to each of them a tourist can get
Inside the house you can admire the ancient interiors
The house is recreated atmosphere of the XVII-XVIII centuries

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