Riga Sightseeing: Dome Cathedral

The Riga Cathedral was founded in 1211, this is one of the most famous and popular city attractions. Together with other medieval temples – the Church of St. Peter and the Cathedral of St. James, which are high-altitude dominants, it forms a unique and recognizable silhouette of the old Riga.

Dome Cathedral – the largest temples of the old city. It is valid, the building belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia. The architectural appearance of the temple has changed more than once. For example, a high tower with a pyramidal spire was erected in the XIV century, after the old building destroyed the fire. However, his final appearance tower acquired in the XVIII century, when the city hour has decided to rebuild the baroque spire. Thanks to constant rearrangements, the Cathedral building now combines almost all famous architectural styles, from Romance to modern.

The Dome Cathedral comes not only to pray or admire the beauty of an ancient temple, but also to listen to music. Here is one of the largest bodies of Europe, created in 1883-1884. Concerts of modern and organ music in the Riga Cathedral are held regularly, announcements regularly publish on the official website.

One of the brightest details of the internal decoration of the Cathedral is now stained glass windows installed at the end of the XIX century. They depict important milestones in the history of the Cathedral and the life of Riga, including the bookmark of the first stone of the temple and the proclamation of freedom of religion.

Sightstation of Riga Dome Cathedral

View of the Dome Cathedral from the Embankment

Working hours:
From October 1 to April 30, the cathedral is open for inspection daily from 10:00 to 17:00, concerts of spiritual music are held on Fridays at 19:00.
From May 1 to September 30, it is open for inspection every day from 9:00 to 18:00, concerts of spiritual music are held twice a week, on Wednesdays and Fridays at 19:00.
Worship in Latvian language is held at 8:00, on Sundays – at 12:00.
Mode of operation may vary, before visiting it is necessary to refer with information on the official website.
You can find the announcements of concerts and other interesting events on the Cathedral website: www.Doms.LV / EVENTS.

Ticket price: entrance to church free. Tickets for the concert are purchased separately at the box office in those hours when the cathedral is open to tourists inspection. A concert ticket costs about 7 euros.

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