Prague Sightseeing: Gavel Market

Havelski market (Havelský TRH, or Havelské TRžiště) – the only historical medieval market, preserved in Prague. It is located on a small pedestrian street between Waclavskaya and Old Town Squares. The first trading ranks here appeared in the XIII century. On the same street at the beginning of the XIV century, the Church of St. Havel was built, the name was later spread to the market.

In the Middle Ages here traded exclusively with products. Today, the market can be purchased as traditional souvenir products from China, which will enjoy the Prague shops and the author’s decorations made of glass, crafts from leather, rag dolls and the famous bohemian glass. For such things in the Havel market, it is customary to bargain. Masters often sell their works themselves and adore telling the details of their manufacture, as well as share local news.

However, farming products, as in the Middle Ages, the Gavel market is also widely represented: here you can buy berries, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, sausages, honey and sweetness, including famous "Melt" – Traditional Czech waffles with filling.

Interestingly, the range of goods varies depending on the day of the week: on weekdays it is a traditional grocery market, and by the end of the week most of the shelves fills souvenir products.

Sightstation of Prague Gavelsky Market

Gavel market works all year round: here you can buy fruits, sweets and souvenirs

Opening hours: Monday-Friday from 6:00 to 18:00, Saturday-Sunday from 8:00 to 18:00. Address: Havelska Street, Prague 1 How to get there: the nearest metro station – Mustek (lines A and B).

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