Prague Sightseeing: Dancing House

Dancing house in Prague is a futuristic business center built on the site of the building destroyed during World War II. He got its name because of the bizarre form and bending one of the towers, resembling a smoking girl in a long dress.

The authors of the project were the Czech-Croatian architect Vlado Mirlunic and his Canadian-American colleague Frank Geri. Unusual Deconstructivist building sharply contrasts with the surrounding development. At first, the project was perceived by the inhabitants of Prague ambiguously. However, he was actively supported by President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Havel, who lived nearby: he was sure that this building would be a new center of cultural life of Prague. Time has shown that he was right: today the dancing house has become one of the most beloved attractions of Prazhan and tourists. However, some residents of the city did not accept a new-fashioned building and a joke called the house not "Dancing", a "drunk".

The second name of the dancing house – "Ginger and Fred", In honor of the famous American dancers Ginger Rogers and Fred Aster. Frank Geri initially planned to give his brain such a name. Later he changed his mind, deciding that the names of Hollywood stars are not too appropriate in the ancient Prague. However, the name has taken place, although it is mentioned less.

Sightstation of Prague Dancing House

To admire the interiors of the dancing home, it is worth a visit located on the top floor of the business center Exquisite restaurant French cuisine. Its windows offer a magnificent view of Prague.

Built in 1996, a dancing house is a recognized masterpiece of modern architecture

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