Pattaya’s attractions: Wat-Yannasangwaram

Wat-Yannasangwaram (Wat-Yang) is located south of Pattia and includes several temple buildings of various architectural styles. He was erected in 1976 and is under the personal care of the king. Here are, in addition to the main temple, Chinese, Khmer, Ceylon and Indian sanctuary. Wat-Yang himself is a Buddhist temple, inside which there is a small museum exposition of religious shrines.

At the foot of the hill at which the complex spread, special arbors are installed for meditation and a pleasant recreation park is broken. On the hillside, on the naked stone surface, in 1984, the contours of the gold plates were drawn by the image of the Buddha, meditating in the lotus position, its height is 60 meters.

There is also a special place for prayer where you can upkind incense in honor of Buddha. It is believed that smoke of incense, causing to the sky, brings prayers to the deity.

Sightstation of Pattaya Wat Yannasangwaram

Those who are not afraid of lifting three hundreds of steps, can see on the top of the mountain buddha, printed in stone. According to the idea, the long road contributes to the healing of the soul, since the believer has been cleared with each passage.

To climb to the temple of Wat Yang, you need to overcome several hundred steep steps
Buddha image on a rock

Sightstation of Pattaya Wat Yannasangwaram

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