Pattaya’s landmark: Big Buddha Hill

Big Buddha Hill, famous for tourists called Big Buddha Hill or Pratamnak Hill – Mandatory place to visit in Pattaya. Here are the temple and the big gold-plated statue of the Buddha, around which the sculpture of the smaller size is located – this is the Buddha Days of the week.

Compared to palace complexes in the capital, this place, of course, is not distinguished by a special puff. Nevertheless, guests of the resort and locals often come here.

The statue was delivered on the territory of the complex in 1977; At that time she was not gold, but white. You can climb to it in the front staircase, which is guarded by the sculpture of dragon-headed snakes. The height of the Lotus Buddha sitting in the pose is about 15 meters; The statue is equipped with a special place for prayer, the inquisition of incense and offering of colors.

Near the statue you can buy a bird in a cage: Believers it says that, having released it to the will, you will attract good luck and well-being. On the way to the Buddha, a number of bells were posted, and by calling them, you will also contribute to the execution of the mandated desire. And having transferred a donation to one of the monks, you will receive a blessed prayer and a bracelet bracelet.

Here is the observation deck with a good view of the resort.

Sightstation of Pattaya Hill Big Buddha

Before the Buddha was white, but then the statue was covered with gilding

Ticket price: Entrance to the temple area and the observation platform is free.

How to get: The Hill is at Pratamnak Road (Pratumnak Road), five minutes drive from the famous Woking Street, and it is easy to get there to Tuk Tuka.

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