Paris’s landmark: Eiffel Tower

Symbol of Paris and the most recognizable object not only of the city, but also countries, the most visited attraction of the planet – Eiffel Tower (La Tour Eiffel). This amazing openwork design with a height of about 300 meters (with antennas – 320.75 meters), which was a real masterpiece of engineering art of his time, was conceived as the input portal of the Paris World Exhibition of 1889 and by and large, as a temporary object, which caused a considerable displeasure of indigenous Parisians ( In 1887, 300 best writers and artists of that time sent a protest to the municipality in which they demanded to demolish this "Monstrous design").

However, its construction paid off for almost a year – it would be more, it was the highest construction of that time, besides, the money riddled in just a couple of years for such a tremendous object, which could be built only by the middle arm. And the appearance of the tower is so fast "burned" With the characteristic building of the Marsov field, which in the future it is no longer marching and speech, and she herself became a favorite place to rest Parisians and city guests.

In addition, the era of the radio quickly showed utility "The highest flagpole in the world" For the needs of fast-growing means of communication, and tourists who could see with the third platform of the tower almost all Paris (the radius of the horizon line is from here more than 70 km), and have not been the city without this building. As a result, the total number of tower visitors has long passed for 240 million people and continues to grow rapidly.

Sightstation of Paris Eiffel Tower

Working hours
Eiffel Tower works daily, without holidays and weekends.
From June 15 to September 1: Input 9: 00-24: 00. The last elevator upstairs is sent at 23:00, the last down – at 24:00.
From September 2 to June 14: Login 9: 30-23: 00. During the Easter and Spring Vacation – up to 24.00. Last elevator upstairs at 22:30, down – at 23:00. Stairs work on lifting until 18:00, on the descent – until 18:30.

Ticket price
Lifting on the elevator to 2 floors for adults – € 9, youth (from 12 to 24 years old) – € 7, children’s (from 4 to 11 years old) – € 4.5.
Lifting on the elevator to 5 floors for adults – € 15, youth – € 13.5, children – € 10.5.
Lifting on foot (only to 2 floors) for adults – € 5, youth – € 4, children’s – € 3.
For children up to 4 years old admission is free.

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