Sightstitality of Nice: Promenade-Dez-Anj

Promenade-des-Ange (FR. Promenade des Anglais, English Embankment) is one of the most famous attractions not only by Nice, but also all of France. This is a favorite place for walking in numerous tourists and locals. Boulevard, whose length is almost six kilometers, passes along the Bay of Angels from the city airport to Cape Nice.

Until the middle of the XVIII century, the coast was deserted, since the local population lived on the Chateau Hill, but then a large number of the British were coming here, who liked the soft climate of Nice. In 1821, escaped from an extremely cold winter, a set of beggars came to the city, but there were no work for everyone. Then the local pastor Lewis Wei, together with his spouse, created a charity foundation for the rescue of people, attracting them to the construction of the road along the sea two meters wide, called Camin Dai Ingles. In Nice rapidly grew the number of British nobility, chosen the bay for recreation. In 1840, the municipality officially took the boulevard under his wing and carried out overhaul. In 1844, the road extends to Baumettes and renamed in Promenade des Anglais.

The English embankment becomes a popular place in the city, there are building elite houses, hotels and shops. Ten years later, the Promenade-des-Ange expands to eight meters and extend to the Magnan Channel and Karra Street. In 1930, the mayor of Nice Jean Medzan paves a full-fledged highway here, ending at Gambetta Boulevard, and decorates it with numerous squares and palm trees. The city is growing, and the embankment grows with it. Finishing it takes in 1965, coming to local airport.

Promenade and a tragic event – it was here in 1927 a famous dancer Aseedor Duncan danced, Sergei Yesenin’s wife, whose scarf wounded on the axis of the wheel of her car and strangled the actress.

Sightstation of Nice Promenad-Dez-Anj

Walk through the English embankment by bike – nothing is comparable
Museum-Palace Massena
Length of English Promenade in Nice – 6 kilometers

Route: Nice English Embankment Rooms 62, 59, 70, 94.

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