Sightstitality of Nice: Mattis Museum

National Museum Henri Matisse (FR. Le Musee Matisse) Located in the garden-de-Symia garden in almost the very center of Nice.

It was opened in 1963 in the building of the Genoese Villa XVII century (Villa Des Arenis), on the first floor of which archaeological museum was located. In 1993, the building was renovated, the archaeological exhibits moved to the underground floor, and the existing museum took all 18 villas of the villa. Now 68 paintings are stored here, 236 drawings, 95 photos, 57 sculptures and 14 books of the Great Artist, closely taking their lives with Nice. Museum can be safely called the exposition of the biography of Henri Matisse, because in addition to his work, hundreds of favorite things of the master are exhibited here.

Sightstation of Nice Mattis Museum

Matisse often said that the museum should not be a tomb of the artist’s work, but their place to study. I remember this, the management of the institution decided to expose works not in chronological order, but by placing next to the patterns so that people could compare styles and comprehend the author’s intentions. Here you can see the finished canvas next to the sketches, united by one plot collages with the cancis, as well as sculptures and their sketches on paper. Nevertheless, on the work, you can trace the periods of formation and formation of the artist from the first picture "Still life with a book", written by Matisse at 21, and before "Paper women", created by him in recent years of life.

Sightstation of Nice Mattis Museum

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