Sightstation of Minsk: Trinity suburb

On the left bank of the Swisle, in the heart of Minsk, there is a historic district of Trinity suburb, which was in the XIV-XV centuries by the administrative and shopping center of the city. However, the center of Minsk has moved to a high city where the City Hall was erected.

According to one of the versions, the name of the suburb is associated with the construction of the Troitsk Church and the Monastery on its territory in the XVI century. The results of archaeological excavations confirm that in the XVI – XVII centuries, Trinity suburb was one of the pottery centers of Minsk. In this quarter in wooden houses, there were mainly artisans and merchants. As a result of a fire that happened in 1809, all the buildings burned.

When recovered, a new planning of the streets, preserved in the area still. In Soviet times, many monuments on the territory of the suburbs, including the ancient Catholic cemetery and the buildings of the Ascension Monastery were destroyed. Part of the historical buildings were destroyed later, during the restoration, which began in the 1980s.

Sightstation of Minsk Trinity suburb

Despite this, the restoration was generally successful. Most buildings and prospectuses of Minsk belong to the Soviet era and are built in the style of Stalinsky Ampire. Trinity suburb – the only one in the city is an old corner. There are a large number of exhibition halls and museums. The most famous of these are the State Museum of the History of the Theater and the Museum of Belarusian Literature.

Trinity suburb – European corner in Soviet Minsk
View of Troitsky’s houses at night

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