Sightstation of Minsk: National Library of Belarus

Unusual in the form of the building of the main library of the country in scientificly called Romboquoktahedron. This construction has a height of 73.6 meters and weighs 115 thousand tons. His creators are architects M. Vinogradov and B. Kramarenko. The project appeared in the late eighties of the last century, in 1989, he even took a prize in one of the All-Union Competitions. The incarnation of life began only in 2002 near the residential neighborhood East.

On June 16, 2006, the Belarusian National Library opened its doors for the first visitors. Now it keeps about 14 million books and almost a thousand people work.

A huge structure consists of aluminum structures installed on a powerful concrete pillow. The surface of the building is covered with mirror glass capable of reflecting heat. It is placed two shells separated by the corridor. Such "thermal" The technology is designed to provide the necessary temperature regime for the best for the preservation of books.

Sightstation of Minsk National Library of Belarus

On the first three floors of the building there are large reading rooms, the total capacity of which is 2 thousand places. On a 72-meter height is a panoramic field.

On the square in front of the entrance to the building there is a monument to the primer Francis Skorne, as well as beautiful fountains.

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