Landmark of Kyiv: Khreshchatyk Street

The main street of the ancient Kyiv is very young: the development of Khreshchatyk (in Ukrainian Chruschik) began at the end of the XVIII century, and the highway received its official name in 1869. Previously, there was a wilderness, which was called by a bachelor’s tower due to numerous ravines and beams, crossing it ("Crossing").

The length of the street is 1225 meters, and the width is 75 meters. Among the main streets of major European cities, Khreshchatyk is considered one of the shortest.

Khreshchatyk connects three squares. Street starts from European Square, passes through the Independence Square (the famous Maidan inequishment, where all the main city events are held – from political speeches to festive festivities) and ends at Bessarabskaya Square, where the market of the same.

In the middle of the XIX – early 20th century, buildings of the city Duma and a merchant meeting, Bessarabian indoor market and numerous profitable houses are built on Khreshchatik. The first floors of the buildings are renting for shops, banks, workshops. Gradually, the whole business life of the city focuses on Khreshchatyk. Most old buildings have not been preserved: they were blown up by the Soviet troops during the retreat from Kyiv at the very beginning of the Great Patriotic War.

In the post-war, Khreshchatyk retained its value: the buildings of the Kyiv City Council were erected here, the central universal store and the exhibition center were erected "Ukrainian house". New construction of the street is represented mainly by monumental buildings in the style of Stalin Ampira, such as a house with a star (№25).

Sightstation of Kyiv Street Khreshchatyk

The most significant of the preserved monuments of the beginning of the 20th century is the Kyiv Passage, which is the Ukrainian Alley of Stars. In addition, in the southern part of the avenue adjacent to the Taras Shevchenko boulevard, historical development has been preserved – profits of the late XIX century.

Free Wi-Fi is available on Khreshchatyka: you need to select WiFi in the list.UA. In the festive and weekends, Khreshchatyk turns into a pedestrian zone, where street artists perform and youth walks.

On the weekend barschaty becomes a pedestrian zone
Maidan inequishment, he is the area of ​​independence – one of the three squares that Khreshchatyk connects
On Khreshchatyka always performs a lot of street artists

Sightstation of Kyiv Street Khreshchatyk

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