Landmark of Kyiv: Sofia Cathedral

Sofia Cathedral in Kyiv – one of the oldest historical monuments preserved in Eastern Europe. According to various chronicle sources, it was built in the XI century, during the time of Yaroslav wise. For a long time he was the main temple of Kyivan Rus.

Saint Sophia’s Cathedral is made in the traditional style for that period: the church is based on the spatial cross, in the center of which the dome is located. The reconstruction model of primary construction is installed under the central entrance to the temple. The current appearance of the Cathedral acquired in the XVIII century, when new add-ons of external galleries with large domes appeared on them. At the same time the facades of the Sofia Cathedral were plastered and whiten. However, prudent restorers left open fragments of the ancient masonry of facades, so that visitors could imagine how the structure looked many centuries ago.

The interior of the Saint Sophia Cathedral is decorated with frescoes and mosaics. Mosaics preserved no more than a third, frescoes – only half. They are traditionally depicts gospel plots and more than 250 saints, which represents only the third part of the primary number. Such an abundance of saints is a unique feature of the Sofia fresco ensemble.

According to chronicle information, the cathedral was the burial site of its founder of Prince Yaroslav wise and his descendants. Today, the marble sarcophagus of Yaroslav Wise is kept in the Vladimir Talk of the Temple, although modern scientists doubt that this is really the remains of the Prince.

Sightstation of Kyiv Sofia Cathedral

In 1990, the Sofia Cathedral was included in the UNESCO list along with the adjacent monastery ensemble of the reserve "Sofia Kyivskaya".

Restorers discovered for tourists fragments of original masonry
Famous Mosaic – Our Lady Oranta

Sightstation of Kyiv Sofia Cathedral

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