Krakow’s landmark: Mariatsky Church

In the heart of Krakow stands the main attraction of the medieval city – the Mariatsky Church, the history of which is shrouded in many legends.

The first stone church was built here in the XIII century, but destroyed during the Tatar-Mongol invasion. The new gothic style cathedral was erected on the old foundation, but seriously suffered during the earthquake, after which it was rebuilt. In the XV century, the temple of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as his full name sounds, found one of his main decorations – a large altar carved from a tree by a German sculptor with twit. This altar is the biggest carved altar in the world. The inner design of the temple was finally completed in the XVIII century, and in XIX it was restored by changing the late-bar style on neoge. The last restoration was completed in 2003.

An interesting feature of the architecture of the building is that the two of his towers of unequal in height, which explains the city legend about the two brothers who built them and competing in their pride. In addition to paintings and stained glass windows on religious topics performed by the famous Venetian artists, there are also sundials, showing not only an hour, but also an accurate date.

Sightstation of Krakow Mariatsky Church

Currently, the church is divided into two parts – one for believers (free), and the second – for tourists (with a paid entrance). Sometimes in the evenings in Mariacksky Koshli arrange concerts of organ music.

One of the towers of the cathedral used to be used as watchdog
Wooden Gothic Altar – the main value of the Mariatsky Church of Krakow

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