Krakow’s landmark: Barbakan

Barbakan in Krakow – fortifications, unique historical and architectural monument. In Europe, only three such structures have been preserved, with this Krakow Barbican is in the best condition. Now on its territory there is a branch of the Krakow Historical Museum, various exhibitions are held here.

Krakow Barbican was erected at the end of the 15th century by order of King Yana I Olbracht and was part of the fortress walls surrounded by the city. Barbican is a cylindrical brick building, including the courtyard and seven towers. There was a deep ditch around the barbacan, to cross which could only be in a large recording bridge, which combined the fortress with the Florian Gate. The inner diameter of the barbacan is 24 meters, the thickness of its walls exceeds 3 meters. 130 boys are located around the perimeter of the structure.

Sightstation of Krakow Barbakan

In the summer period, Barbacan is often used both for theatrical and pop productions. In addition, historical reconstruction, fencing competitions and ballroom dancing are held on its territory. Visitors to this majestic building can not only enjoy the architecture and skill of the creators of Barbakan, but also visit the exhibition telling about his history.

Barbakan in Krakow is one of the three fortification structures of this type, preserved in Europe

Sightstation of Krakow Barbakan

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