Sightseeing of Jerusalem: Wall

This segment of the wall surrounding the Old Town in Jerusalem is located to the west of the Temple Mountain and is one of the most revered Jewish shrines. Pilgrims flock from all over the world. The cry of crying is the only thing that has been preserved after the destruction of the second Jerusalem temple in the first century to our era. Jews call it western or temple wall, and the name "Wall of Tears" They gave it the place of Arabs, seeing like Jews pray at the wall, mourning about the loss of the temple.

Today it is customary called a wall of crying a plot of about 50 meters long, although the total length of the preserved wall is much more. The plot is composed of huge limestone blocks, no fasten and confused by carved fillets.

For many centuries, Jews were a dispute with Muslims for possession of the wall, and the rights of the Israelis on this site were finally fixed during the six-day war in 1967. From this year, the Wing Wall has become a place for holding a plurality of Jews and traditional actions: a military oath is applied here, the Torah is held during Bar Mitzvah, there are other solemn ceremonies. It is believed that the prayer at the Wall of crying is equated to mission in the face of God and will be sure to be heard. Traditionally, the notes with prayers are customary to invest in the gaps between the stones.

Passage to the wall for men and women Separate, required.

Sightstation of Jerusalem Wall Watch

Square in front of a cry of crying in Jerusalem
Hasid prays in front of the cry of crying

How to get there: on buses 1, 3, 43, 51, 746, 76, 76a (stop הכותל on Batei Mahase Str. and חניון גבעתי / מעלה השלום on Ma’ale Hashalom Str.)

Sightstation of Jerusalem Wall Watch

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