Sightstation of Jerusalem: David City

David City is one of the most ancient residential areas in Jerusalem, which arose in the Bronze Age. In the same place later, if you believe biblical legends, David laid the capital of his kingdom. David is a bit south of the temple mountain and lies outside the current city walls.

As a result of excavations, numerous evidence was found in the archaeologists in this place, the city was found in the XIX century to our era. Later, after the capture of Jerusalem King David, the royal residence was erected here. This area is unofficially called "The first Jerusalem of Jews".

From the first half of the XIX century to this day, this place is the source of the most valuable historical finds. During the excavations, the structures of the periods of the first and second Jerusalem temple were found, the ancient burials, churches and water pipes, as well as the tips of prehistoric arrows, millennial coins and dishware fragments.

Sightstation of Jerusalem City of David

Today, tourists visiting the Archaeological Park of the city of David appears a wonderful panorama from the top of the hill. They can also go down to the places of archaeological excavations, on an underground tour. In the course of her, it is possible to see with your own eyes a long-time fastener walls and a Gichon source, which in time immemorial gave fresh water almost all of the Jeraulima. From the source, an artificially created tunnel, which is already more than 2.5 thousand years.

Ruins in David
It is believed that the palace of Tsar David was located here
Underground tunnel under Jerusalem, which is more than 2500 years

Sightstation of Jerusalem City of David

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