Sightseeing of Istanbul: Sultanahmet-Kamii (Blue Mosque)

In the historic district of Istanbul is the largest temple of the city – Sultanahmet-Kamii. He is a famous architectural monument of Islamic culture and one of the main symbols of the city of Istanbul. The Blue Mosque was erected at the deception of Sultan Ahmed I in order to deliver Allah after the Ottoman Empire lost in War with Austria.

The construction was carried out on the project of Sadfakar Mehmet Aga for seven years, from 1609 to 1616. In the architecture of the Blue Mosque, there is a combination of the Byzantine and classical Ottoman architectural directions. The complex of Sultanahmet-Kamii includes Mausoleum Ahmed I, Madrasa, Hospital, Caravan Sarai, Market and Much.

The main feature of the temple is its minarets with several balconies (sherph). Unlike the rest of the religious buildings of this type there are six: they are placed not only on each of the four sides, but two more in the corners. Unique and Makhrib (niche for prayers) – It is carved from a huge marble block.

Building material in the construction of the mosque served as valuable rocks of the stone and marble. Its second name is associated with a predominance of a blue color in the interior decoration. Decoration was carried out using ceramic tiles of handmade white and celestial shades. The central hall of Sultanahmet-Kamii with a dome of a 43 meter height includes 260 windows, through which the sunlight is evenly entering throughout the day. The dome maintains four columns of the five-meter diameter, on which the germ of the prophet Mohammed and Sura from the Quran are broken.

Sightstation of Istanbul Sultanahmet-Kamii (Blue Mosque)

Sultanahmet-Kamii – a valid mosque in which the entrance is although free, but only in long and closed clothes, without shoes. If the visitor’s clothing does not comply with the rules of Islam, at the entrance it is offered special capes.

View of the main attraction of Istanbul
In the courtyard of the sultanammet mosque
Inside the blue mosque of Istanbul
It is worth come to the mosque not only during the day, but also at dusk when you turn on the backlight

Working hours: Mosque is open to visitors from 9:00 and before sunset with prayer breaks

Sightstation of Istanbul Sultanahmet-Kamii (Blue Mosque)

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