Sightstation of Istanbul: Topkapi Palace

Back in the middle of the XIX century, the Palace Ensemble Topkappa was the heart of the Ottoman Empire. Its name is translated into our as "Cannon Gate". Another naming of the palace – Serala, which means "big house". Topkaps are considered to be decoration of the district of Sultanahmet – the historic center of the Turkish capital, located on the Cape at the merger of the Marmara Sea, Bosphorus and the Bay of the Golden Horn.

The area of ​​the palace complex is more than 700 thousand square meters. From the outside world, the building separates a high wall of 1,400 meters long. Topkaps are not one hundred rooms, halls, numerous corridors, courtyards and a huge number of pavilions presented by the eyes of visitors.

The construction of this architectural monument was launched by the Sultan Mehmed Conqueror in 1459. In the future, he repaired many times and expanded. For four centuries, the palace served as a residence of 25 Ottoman Sultans. It held the main festive events and was calmed.

Today the palace is the most famous museum of the world. Almost 65 thousand exhibits are exhibited on everyone, it is only one tenth of the entire Topkapi collection. It keeps the sword and the cloak of the Prophet Mohammed, belonging to the main Muslim shrines.

Sightstation of Istanbul Palace Topkapi

View of the Palace Complex Topkapi
Main entrance to Topkapi Palace
Palace covers an area of ​​more than 700,000 square meters
The ancient Byzantine Church of Saint Irina or Ayia Irena is located on the territory of the Palace
One of the bedrooms of Harem in the Istanbul Palace Topkapi

Working hours: The museum is open daily from 9:00 to 19:00, except for Tuesday

Ticket price: Ticket price – 25Try, for visiting a harem you need to pay separately – 15Try

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