Sightstitality of Istanbul: Galat Tower

In the European part of Istanbul on the slope of the hill of Galata rises a stone galad tower.

The construction of 61 meters high was built in 1349 by the Genoese and was originally called the Tower of Christ. The construction was part of the strengthening structures around the colony of Galata. Fragments of the wall and serfs RVA reached this day. Also about those times indicate the names of the adjacent streets – big ditch and small moat.

The Galat Tower has experienced destructive earthquakes and fires, but each time restored. Its former look only guessed in modern building. At different times, the construction served as a beacon, observatory, watchdog and alarm item. Lower floors were used as prison premises.

The history of the tower is associated with the name of the scientist and the first in the history of the Kezarfena Akhmed Chelebi aeronaut. In 1638, the brave inventor spicked from the top platform on a homemade aircraft and overcame a distance of 3 kilometers above the Bosphorus Bay, having fallen on the Dogandzhilar area. Since then, the tower began to call the Kezarfen tower. His name also carries one of Istanbul airports.

In 1967, the nine-story tower was closed from above the conical roof, two elevators equipped inside. The observation platform offers to enjoy a picturesque panorama from a height of 137 meters above sea level: Old Town, Quarter, Galata Bridge, Golden Horn Bay Coast, Asian Bosphorus Beach and Princesa Islands in the smoke of the Marmara Sea.

Sightstation of Istanbul Galat Tower

Two upper floors occupy a restaurant and cafeteria. Also in the building there are a Genoese tavern, an eastern cafe, a kitchen, shops and even a nightclub in which Turkish shows pass.

The appearance of the Galat Tower in the century has changed much
At the top of the tower there is a beautiful observation deck

Opening hours: daily from 9.00 to 20.00 Ticket cost: 15 Turkish lire How to get there: on a high-speed tram to Karaköy stop. Address: Bereketzade MH., Galata Kulesi, Beyoğlu, Turkey.

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