Sightseeing Havana: Prado Boulevard

Paddo Boulevard (Paseo Del Prado) – Havana Central Street – was laid at the end of the XVIII century and is part of Paseo Martí. The modern view of Prado Boulevard took in 1929 due to the reconstruction under the guidance of the French architect Jean-Claude Nicolas Foresta. The length of the street is about two kilometers, it goes down straight to the sea, to the Embankment Malecon.

On the boulevard there are many attractions of Havana: National Capitol, House of Science, House in Mauritan style, Palace of Waisturizing, Hotel "Seville" (built based on the palace complex of the Alhambra in Spanish Granada) and others, mostly low, at home in Old-Sispan and colonial styles. Street is paved with a cobblestone and plates from different grades of marble and granite.

Here you can see several bronze lions. Two of them are near the monument to poet Juan Clemente Senea, two more – before the monument by the hero of the revolution of Manuel de la Craz. Four lions are installed at the intersection with Columbus Street. According to one of the numerous legends, the statues were cast from the guns abandoned by the British.

You can relax while walking on numerous marble benches.

Sightstation of Havana Boulevard Prado

Boulevard leads from the Capitol to the sea
One of Lviv Prado Boulevard

How to get: On the boulevard there is a tourist bus bus TURBUS, they depart every hour.

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