Florence Sightseeing: Palazzo-Vecchio

Palazzo-Vecchio (old palace) – one of their most famous buildings of Florence – Located on Signoria Square. Many times the building was renamed.

Construction of a fortress with a toothed tower to protect the residence of Florence began at the end of the XIII century, the author of the project – Architect Arnolfo di Cambio. The tower of the palace, the height of which is almost 100 meters, walked the clock created by the Augsburg Master of Georgio Ledcell in the XVII century.

In the middle of the XVI century, the interior of the building was significantly changed by the court architect Georgeo Vazari. Then, allegorical sculptures and paintings de Rossi were created in the five hundred and praise the power of the Duke. However, because of this, the brilliant works of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, previously decorated the walls and the ceiling, were destroyed.

In the audience hall on the gold ceiling of the work of Juliano and Mayan is depicted by the emblem of Florence. Large fresco Domenico Girlandiao with saints decorates the walls of the hall. In the hall of the lilies you can see the mural "Judith" Dontello works. In the office of the office hangs a portrait of Maciavelli and put his bust. In the Hall of Mapponto attracts the attention of the old world map.

Cabinet Francesco I Medici Decorate Sculptures Gianbolonea, Ammannati. Walls of Capella Eleanoras are covered with bronzino frescoes. Near the hall of lilies is Capella Della Signoria with frescoes of the work of Girlandiao.

Sightstation of Florence Palazzo-Vecchio

Next to the copy of the famous marble statue of David is the entrance to the patio of the work of Micolelozzo in the style of revival. The courtyard is decorated with a porphyry fountain of Battista del Tadda. On the contrary there is a composition "Samson and Philistine" Pierino da Vinci. Entrance to the courtyard is open for everyone free.

Now the building serves as a city council, also here is the Museum of Palazzo-Vecchio. In his collections, including the famous violins of Amati and Stradivari. Tourists can also admire the types of Florence from the terrace located on the top floor of the palace. The tower is open to visiting a separate ticket.

Palazzo Palazzo-Vecchio
Late in the evening in the courtyard of Palazzo-Vecchio can be traveled alone
In the courtyard of Palazzo-Vecchio

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