Landmark of Florence: Uffizi Gallery

The building of the palace, where the Uffizi Gallery is now housed, George Vazari was built in the XVI century by order of the Great Duke of Tuscan Goato I Medici then and served to accommodate the republican government.

Now this is a famous museum in which the most valuable works of European art: Titian canvas, Jotto di Bondone, Georgeon, Michelangelo Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Pietro Perugino, Rubens, Leonardo da Vinci, Durera. Here you can see the famous work "Spring" and "Birth of Venus" Sandro Botticelli, "Holy Family" Michelangelo, "Venus Urbinskaya" Titiana as well "Worship of Magi" Gentile yes Fabiano.

The collection is now posted in the museum, it began to form members of the Medici family in another XV century. In the palace, the original stucco, frescoes and other interior details are preserved.

Sightstation of Florence Gallery Uffiz

Since this museum is one of the most popular in Florence, you need to be ready to answer a queue for tickets. In the high season, in June-July, waiting time can be up to five hours, if not buy tickets in advance on the official website of the gallery.

View of the Arches of the gallery from another shore Arno
The courtyard between the two wings of the gallery of the palace, which stretches from Signory Square to the embankment

Sightstation of Florence Gallery Uffiz

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