Sightseeing Espoo: Gallen-Callela Museum

Axelle Gallen-Callela – Finnish artist who is known for the whole world with its recognizable illustrations to the Finnish epic "Kalevala". In his paintings, he combined realism, modern and mythological style.

The museum was opened in 1961 in the house of the artist, built by his own project in the medieval style. He also created furniture that the museum was furnished. Also in this building there is an archive and library.

The permanent exposition of the museum is represented by the most famous works of the artist (painting, graphics, decorative and applied art), his personal belongings, archive of documents and letters. Several times a year, temporary exhibitions are held, on which various works of Gallen-Callel and other contemporary artists. For example, the exhibition of the our photographer was recently satisfied, the pioneer of color photography Sergey Prokodina-Gorsky. Camera music concerts are held in place of the museum.

For those who are deeply interested in the art of Gallen-Callela, the museum information service is working, which on request will give the necessary information. Also, on request, you can access archival materials dedicated to Finnish art.

Sightstation of Espo Museum Gallen-Callela

Interesting and non-standard souvenirs are sold in the museum, including the team detailed model.

Villa in the medieval style was built on the project of the Axel Gallen-Callela

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