Sightseeing Copenhagen: New Gillothek Karlsberg

Familia Karlsberg is often associated only with a brewing plant, but it was the representative of this family that became the founder of the new glipstoteki – a magnificent art museum in the center of Copenhagen. The museum counts its history in 1897: the beginning of the collection laid the frequent collection of Karl Jacobsen.

The building of the new glipotki changed his kind several times and expanded. In 1906 a new wing was added, and after ninety years, the building was expanded Henning Larsen. In the center of the museum there is a winter garden with mosaic flooring, palm trees and fountain. He is crowned with a dome made of copper and wrought iron. A few years ago, Gliptek was renovated again.

In the halls of the new glipstotek, visitors can see more than ten thousand works of world art of various eras. Virtually the entire bottom floor of the museum is busy exhibition sculptures. It is here that the largest number of works of the French sculptor Auguste Rodin outside of France. Visitors to the exhibition can get acquainted with a variety of sculptures of the period of Greek, Roman and Egyptian antiquity.

Sightstation of Copenhagen New Gliptotek Karlsberg

The top floor of the new glipstock is dedicated to painting. Special attention should be paid to the collection of impressionists (Mane, Pissaro, Renoir) and post-impressionists (for example, Van Gogh and Bonnard). In addition to the extensive international collection, the museum is also proud of the works of local artists.

Music lovers will appreciate the excellent acoustics of the concert hall of the New Glipotki. Also, the hall is used for poetic meetings and discussions.

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