Sightstation of Copenhagen: National Museum of Denmark

National Museum of Denmark – the chief cultural and historical museum of the country. The museum is located in the Palace of the XVIII century in the center of Copenhagen on the channel Frederiksholm.

The collection of the museum leads its origins from the royal kunstkamera XVII century. The National Museum was opened in 1892. The exposition talks about the history of Scandinavia since the prehistoric era, through the Middle Ages and Renaissance up to the 20th century. In addition, in the collection of the museum, the objects of culture and art of other ancient cultures are presented – antique, as well as the treasure collection of the East – India and Egypt. Exhibitions Light various areas of history, science and culture: ethnology, archeology, ethnography, numismatics, natural sciences and much more. The museum employs both permanent exhibitions and temporary. Despite the extensive exposition, the museum fund is regularly updated with new collections.

Sightstation of Copenhagen National Museum of Denmark

On the basis of the National Museum there is a children’s museum. Here, children can not only watch, but also touch and explore all the exhibits, trying on the outfits of different times and try themselves in the roles of historical characters. Educational and entertainment events dedicated to religious and public events are regularly held for children.

One of the most valuable exhibits of the collection of the National Museum – a woman from Huldremose, who lived in the second century to our era
The museum presents objects telling about the life of the country to all epochs – from prehistoric to our time

Sightstation of Copenhagen National Museum of Denmark

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