Sightstation Copenhagen: Mermaid

Bronze sculpture Mermaid, created in honor of the heroine of the fairy tale Hans Christian Andersen, is located in the port of Copenhagen. Statue in height reaches 1.25 meters and weighs 175 kg.

The sculpture of the Little Mermaid ordered Karl Jacobsen, the Son of the entrepreneur, who founded the Brewer’s Karlsberg. He also created the famous Art Museum – New Gliptec Carlsberg. Jacobsen was a big fan of both fabulous history and ballet "Mermaid".

Sculptor Edward Eriksen first demonstrated the Mermaid on August 23, 1913. Since then, sculpture has not suffered from vandals. At the end of April 1964, Jorgen stole the head of the Mermaid, which could not find. On July 22, 1984, a statue’s hand was stolen, and in 1990, the vandals caused a cut in the neck. On January 6, 1998, the head was again stolen, which was returned on February 4. On September 11, 2003, the foundation of the statue was destroyed.

Sightstation of Copenhagen Mermaid

Copies of the statue can be seen in California and New Zealand, also the statue of the Little Mermaid in Bronze is in the south of Thailand, in the province of Sonong, where the statue identifies the Indo-Buddhist Deity Mae Torany.

Mermaid had a lot to survive. Each time the sculpture returns the former appearance
Route: Nearest bus stops – Esplanaden (1a), Østerport (26), Indiakaj (26). Address: Langelinie, 2100 København, Dania

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