Sightseeing Copenhagen: Christiania

Christiania, also known as a free city, is the Copenhagen district, which received partial independence from Denmark.

The city is located in Kristiansvan – in one of the 15 zones to be divided into Copenhagen. The nearest metro station – Christianshavn, 50 meters from PRINSESSESSESSEGADE, is located the gate of the main entrance to Christia and the street with which it starts – Pusher Street. The city is limited to Prinsessegade and RefShalevej streets, along the streets there is a canal, on one side of which are 3 bastion: Bastion Wilhelm, Bastion Sofia Camp and Bastion Cities. Next to the Bastion of the Ullika is the island of Canino, which is already on the territory of Christian.

Free city was founded in 1971 by a Hippie group in the zone of an abandoned military unit. One of the leaders – Jacob Ludwigsen announced this zone of free about any conventions, and no attempts to the Danish government to evict the occupants to success. Residents of Christianity fully provide themselves with all necessary. There is a kindergarten, bakery, sauna, bicycle production factory, printing house, radio, cinema, bars and restaurants. Christiania is also known for the fact that on its main street Pasher Street Permitted Trade of Light Drugs.

Sightstation of Copenhagen Christiania

In May 2011, the city officially bought his lands from the government of Denmark and officially consolidated the right to be called a free city.

Christians – a creative area, there are many graffiti and art objects
Christian streets look very peaceful and picturesque
Modern hippies live almost as well as modern bourgeois

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