Berlin sightseeing: Chekpost Charlie

Famous Berlin Street Friedrichstrasse – one key in the city. It has the stores of the most famous clothing brands, as well as MINI, OPEL and Volkswagen car dealerships. But the street attracts tourists not only by boutiques and shopping centers. Here is the famous Chekpost Charlie, or PPC "Charlie", which was set as a border checkpoint after the division of the city. From 1961 to 1990, he controlled the movement of the Allied troops from one part of the divided city to another.

In addition to this gearbox, there were two more, with which NATO gave the name in alphabetical order: Chekpost-A ("Alpha") and checkpoint in ("Bravo"). But it was the Cupilla Charlie that becomes the center of the tank confrontation between the two powers in October 1961. Soviet and American troops stood here, ready for battle, so gearbox "Charlie" became a symbol of the Cold War and entered the mass culture through literature and cinema. For example, James Bond in the film drove through this checkpoint "Octopusca".

Sightstation of Berlin Chekpost Charlie

Learn about the history of the CAT, the fate of the divided Berlin and the Cold War can be in the Museum of the Berlin Wall. It demonstrates a permanent exhibition on the history of its construction and fall. Today there are exhibitions on discrimination, persecution, illegal deprivation of freedom and human rights violations.

KPP "Charlie"
Poster next to Checkpoint "Charlie"
Friedrichstrasse – one of the most significant streets of Berlin

Sightstation of Berlin Chekpost Charlie

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