Sightstation of Amsterdam: Channel Singel

Channel Singel (Singer) was dug in 1428-1450 as urban defensive ditch, stretching from the port to Amstla – it is the place of connecting two watercourses and controlled Mint Tower on muntplein. However, the rapidly developing city stepped over its shores by the end of the XVI century and the new external channel dug in the XVII century received his name in honor of the old – Singelgraht (Singergracht, now he separates the historical core of Amsterdam from Museum Quarter and new areas).

Now, walking along the Singlal, you can find a lot of interesting things – from the south side the ranks of rich houses of Grachtengloe, and with the North – the historical development of the old city. Moving to the north of the Mint Tower, you can visit the current since the XVII century Flower market (BLOEMENMARKT, part of trade is conducted directly from ships), Art Museum OP Art (KoningsPlein, 20), to see the take-off neo-neotic turrets Church Creitberg (Krijtberg, St Franciscus Xaveriuskerk), famous for one of the most beautiful interiors in the city, as well as "Cat ship" PoezenBoot, moored in the northern part of the Singla.

Sightstation of Amsterdam Channel Singel

And in the eastern part, closer to Rembrandtplein Square (Rembrandtplein), it is worth viewing the most famous and unusual cinema of Amsterdam – Pathe Tuschinski (opened in 1921 by the rich Polish Jew Abram Tushinsky, who died in 1942 in Auschwitz) and his "antipode" – Also very elegant cinema design Cineac (now there is a bar-restaurant and club ID&T). Here, a little west, there is the biggest acting cinema of the city – Pathe de Munt on 13 screens and with an ultra-modern sound system.

Sightstation of Amsterdam Channel Singel

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